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Care Instructions

Dry cleaning is recommended for most garments! All our clothing items have a care tag, if an item is washable it will be indicated on the tag.

Kittenish tip: While dry cleaning helps maintain the original texture of the fabric, it does carry some risks. Commonly used cleaning solutions aren't suited to silk and silks can be damaged if placed in the same vat with rougher fabrics. To make sure your garment gets proper treatment, always tell the dry cleaner to follow the care tag instructions.

Care Instructions for Leather

Leather is a tanned and treated animal skin. Much like our skin, leather is porous and needs to be treated with care. We highly reccomend the garment be laundered by a reputable dry cleaner.

Store leather garments on padded hangers and cover with a plain bed sheet or cloth garment bag. Avoid plastic bags, as they don't allow the garment to "breathe," and can promote mold and mildew. Store in a dark, dry place. Sunlight will cause fading.

Kittenish Swim Care Instructions

Avoid contact with suntan lotions or oils as well as any rough surfaces that could snag or pull the fabric

Rinse after each use in cold water.

Wash with color safe laundry detergent and flat dry indoors or in shade. Do NOT bleach, dry clean, or iron.

Extreme heat and high chlorine levels may fade or damage the fabric.