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Kittenish iPhone Case

It's here! The perfect accessory... Our exclusive Kittenish iPhone 6/6s Flexi case! Featuring our full color blush cheetah print on a high quality plastic construction. Scratch and shock proof protection for your phone....the Kittenish way! Note: Remove plastic film from backside of phone before use.

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Review by Skyler

Ordered a second one because I love it so much

Review by Payton

I love this case. It fits really well & feels nice. The pattern is super cute too.

Review by Sarah

I have the iphone 6 and it fits perfectly. Cute and sassy case! I also love that it is more of the silicon material rather than hard plastic to prevent it from cracking.

Review by Leeann

I’m obsessed with this phone case, it’s super cute and is the perfect shade of pink! You should definitely come out with more cases, I’d buy them all!!!

Review by Emma

i love this phone case - i've gotten so many compliments on it and wish they would come out with some more for the 7 and 7+, and the newer models!!! i love chopper's kisses YETI cup to match too :)
So cute and fits IPhone7!!

Review by Caitlyn

I absolutely love this case and it actually fits the iPhone 7! It covers a little bit of the camera lens but you can’t tell when taking a picture! Very durable!

Review by Madeline

I am so in love with this phone case! I am obsessed with cheetah print and the color pink, so this case was a no-brainer for me. Super cute and people compliment me all the time when they see my case.

Review by Lauren B.

I just got my phone case that I ordered and I absolutely love it! It was worth the money! Go get you one!

Review by Lauren

I just received this phone case and I am so excited that I bought it! It is super cute! It is totally worth it!

Review by Katie

I was so surprised when I got this in the mail of the quality of this case! It's very durable, looks like they really put into thought how the design would function with the structure of the case. I thought it was going to be some cheap hollow plastic but very gladly surprised how amazing this is! I should've gotten 2! I will reorder more for cute stocking stuffers this year!
Love love love

Review by Lauren

Such a cute case and isn't too bulky! Great product!
So cute!

Review by Sarah

I get so many compliments on this case-it has a really good grip too!
iPhone 7

Review by Karina

Y'all. I wanted this phone case for months but was so bummed it didn't come in my size. When the case went on sale, I ordered it anyway. Well, this case fits the 7!!!! It covers a tiny bit of my camera, but not the lens at all! It's so so cute
So cute!!

Review by Amber

I've been wanting a new phone case. Its durable and cute.
So cute!!!!!!

Review by Katherine

Not much protection so if you are prone to dropping/cracking your phone - definitely not the case for you BUT so adorable.
I see spots

Review by Amber

This case is so cute I can not wait for this to come in the mail so I can put it on my phone
I love it!

Review by Mackenzie

I love this case! I've been seeing it on Jessie's instagram, so I was so excited when I saw it on here!

Review by Sara

Kittenish everything!
iPhone 7

Review by Madeline

Want to purchase this case but I need it for an iPhone 7!!
iPhone 7?!

Review by Courtney

I know it'll fit the 6/6S but will it fit the 7 also? I'd love to get it if it does!

Review by Chantel

I Got This Phone Case For My IPhone 6 & I Loved It. It's So Cute & Everyone Thinks It's Cute! Please Make A IPhone Case For The 7 Because I Just Got This New Phone & Want A Kittenish Case!!!

Review by Erica

I love my phone case! It's my favorite print, cheetah, by my favorite brand! Never wanna take it off.

Review by Stephanie

I love the case but they really need it for the 7! Everyone comments on my case! Best purchase!
Best Phone Case & Super Cute

Review by Taylor

I choose this case to have on my phone out of all of my expensive ones...its so slim and sleek, that it makes it comfortable to hold and slide into all of my purses. I have had it for over a year and I love it. Phone has also never broke after dropping it with the case on.

Review by Hailey

Can this please be created for a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. I don't have an iPhone and if I did I would buy this case.
My favorite case

Review by Stephanie

I love this cell phone case and get compliments on it everywhere I go. I hope Jessie comes out with another!!
iPhone 7 Plus please! ♥

Review by April

Please make a case for the iPhone 7 Plus! I'd looove to buy this for my phone! :)
So obsessed!

Review by Juliana

My new favorite phone case!! So cute and girly. It's perfect!
So Cute!

Review by Jen

Just got my case, very impressed with the quality, can tell it will be durable.

The design is so cute, I keep getting complements!
So cute!

Review by Ashley

Best phone case ever!! Great quality

Review by Marissa

Love this phone case!!! So cute

Review by Sydney

Please make the phon case into a 5!!!

Review by Shanna

Please make for a iPhone 6 Plus
Great little gift

Review by Jarred

Just got my girlfriend this phone case. She loves Jessie so she should be excited!

Review by Brittany

Need this for iPhone 6 Plus !!!
Great Case

Review by Amanda

I really love the design on this case. It's a nice sleek design too (not bulky at all). For the next case (iPhone 7) I hope Jessica designs a mermaid/beach themed case. Two ideas are: a mermaid or mermaid scales.

Review by Angelica

OMG my hubby just ordered this case for me! Best husband ever!
Obsessed !!

Review by Madison

I've wanted this case for such a long time. It fits my personality perfectly. So many people have asked me where I got it ! I absolutely love it !!!

Review by Lea

Love this style, hopefully another look will be made that will be compatible with Samsung devices!
iPhone 7/7 plus

Review by MR

Please get iPhone 7/7 plus cases!

Review by Jazmin

I have this one for the iPhone 6 but I got the iPhone 7. Can you make this exact one for the iPhone 7. I love this case I was so sad I couldn't use it.
Best Case EVER!!

Review by Sierra

This case is amazing, I tend to drop my phone a lot and this case protects it so well! Plus it's super adorable!!!
The best

Review by Allison

LOVE this phone case! Definitely has the coverage I need for my phone! And even better, I met Jessie at a radio show in Philly and she signed it for me!

Review by Stephanie

I love this case! It's super cute, all my friends wanted one and it's actually pretty protective!
Last forever!

Review by Jordan

I have had this case for a couple months now and nothing has happened to it! Usually when I get cases with patterns on it, the design starts to rub off or get super scratched up. With this, you can barely notice the scratches and everything on this case is still so intact! I also get tons of compliments on how cute it is.
Fashionable and mature.

Review by Samantha

Today I received my i phone case in the mail and I was very impressed with the quality. The case is very sleek and the colors compliment each other very well. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase.
So cute

Review by Annel

This case is so cute ❤️❤️❤️

Review by francine

my new favorite phone case!
Love it

Review by Destiny

I just got my phone case today and I LOVE IT! Definitely worth the money

Review by Jillian

Finally updated my phone to 6s and basically ran here to buy this phone case. So fun and kittenish I love it

Review by Brittany

This case is very cute, the pink color and large print makes it more of a subtle animal print than in your face like most are. I have dropped my phone several times in it and so far it has been kept completely safe.
Different Phones Please!

Review by Taylor

Need this for iPhone 6S Plus. Pretty please!
The print!!

Review by Courtney

The print and color go great with my rose gold iPhone!!
Great Color

Review by Emily

Love this phone case. The colors are great and it fits perfectly!
Want 1 of these SO bad...

Review by Jessica H

Samsung G6 phone
Need for plus iPhone!!

Review by katie

Please make for the iPhone 6 Plus!!!
Please make

Review by katie

Please make for IPhone 6plus!!!
I need!

Review by Valarie

I finally just got a new phone so now I can officially get one! Adios iphone 5s hello 6s!
Legit cutest cell phone case ever!

Review by Kristie

Make one for the samsung galaxy note 7 please and thank you!!!!!

Review by Bridget

I totally want this iPhone case, but i have an iPhone 6 Plus.

Review by Jacqueline

This is by far my most favorite phone case ever!!! I love how the sides are bendy and the back has a harder plastic for better durability in case you drop it! Highly recommend!!

Review by Emily

Super cute

Review by Alyssa

I get compliments alllll the time on this phone case !! It's so cute I love it !
Super Protective

Review by Ellen

i was worried that this case wouldn't protect my phone, i am prone to dropping it... but it has done a great job keeping my phone safe!

Review by Maria

Im obssesed with cheetah print!

Review by Juls

Please make for Samsung phones too!!! Not everyone has an iPhone.
Perfect case

Review by Jennifer

Love the color, love the fit on my phone, such a great case!

Review by Mindi

i have finally upgraded to a 6s to be able to use this case, i have gotten so many compliments! cute!
so cute

Review by Justin

Looks really cute can't wait to get it

Review by Miriam

Cute phone case. Love print

Review by Em

I love these cases!! More kittenish cases please

Review by Em

I love these cases!! More kittenish cases please
iPhone 5

Review by Erin

This needs to come in for iPhone 5!!!

Review by Emily

I love my kittenish cases!! Many girls always have similar phone cases and I love that it's something not many have

Review by Kelsey

I want/need this phone case SO bad. Please make it for an iPhone 6S PLUS!!!!

Review by Alyssa

I always drop my phone, so was nervous how protective this case would far I am nearly a dozen drops in and not a single chip, or scratch!

Review by Sam

This is my favorite case because it provides both protection and is cute!

Review by Marybeth

Jessie does it again! Thank you so much for making such a cute case and always keeping it Kittenish!

Review by Carrie

This case is cuteness overload! I love it so much!

Review by Jackie

This is the perfect Kittenish accessory! It is so cute!

Review by Mary

Would love if you made this phone case for Samsung Galaxy S6! :)

Review by Willow

This case is so cute and so Kittenish! I love it! Meow!

Review by Olivia

I am obsessed with my Kittenish case! I get compliments on it wherever I go!

Review by Jessica

This phone case is not only protective, but cute too!

Review by Megan

This case is the best case ever! Cute and protective for your phone!

Review by Martina

This case is so cute and fits super snug on my phone to keep it safe!

Review by Lauren

This is my favorite phone case! It is so cute!

Review by Kathleen

I love this case! It is sooo cute!

Review by Jessica

Please make a case for the Samsung S6 Galaxy phones. I want 1 of these cases SOOOOOO bad and I can't buy because I don't have an Iphone. :(
Pretty please!

Review by Samantha

I love this phone case but I have a galaxy:( you guys have got to have them in more phone options pretty please:(
6S Plus Please (((((:

Review by Dawn

I want this so bad but need 6s plus!!!
My favorite!

Review by Jordan

This is the best case! Not to mention how cute it is.. Every kitten needs this kittenish accessory.
iPhone 6

Review by Allison

Such a great case! So durable and protective! Only complaint is it scratches on the back easily but for the price you can't beat it and the scratches are barely noticeable unless you're looking closely!
iPhone 5s

Review by Karen

I adore this case but not everybody has an iPhone 6! Please make it for an iPhone 5s!
So jealous

Review by Jessica

I want this phone case so bad!!! No iphone though. :(

Review by Briana

I drop my phone SO much and always always have a lifeproof case on but I HAD to get this even though I was nervous. However this case went through a few minor drops and it was fine! This case was very very well made. Very durable and the pattern is just beautiful. Love love love it!

Review by Nicole

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I get so many compliments. my friends automatically noticed it was jesse james decker and they know im obsessed. definitely recommend

Review by alexa

so many compliments on my case!goes perfect with the rose gold iPhone
I would be...

Review by Jessica

I would be ecstatic if they announced a phone case for the galaxy s6 phones. Just patiently waiting...... :)

Review by Heather

I hate having a phone case on my iPhone because they're always so thick. I thought I'd give this one a try and I'm glad I did! I love it it's super thin but also provides a lot of protection. And it's completely adorable!

Review by Skylar

Cutest case I've ever had! It's so protective and super adorable... Great combo! Would purchase again!
Fun Phone Case!

Review by Jill

Love this phone case so much! So easy to spot my phone anywhere and love the design!
so cute

Review by Jaclyn

New favorite accessory!!

Review by Hailey

Bought this for a friend for her birthday, she loved it!
Love love love

Review by Keyanni

Love it !
So cute

Review by Jen

Just received this! I am obsessed.such great quality for a reasonable price.highley recommend

Review by Lynsey

Endless compliments on my new iPhone case! It's so cute.
Can't wait

Review by Jennifer

Just ordered my phone case, can't wait to receive it!!!
so cute !

Review by Jazmin

I just ordered mine and i cant wait to get it in the mail!! its super cute. :)))

Review by Stephanie

Cheetah print and pink, my favorites :)
6 Plus please!!

Review by Kate C

We need this for a 6plus!!!!!!

Review by Gabrielle

Just purchased the phone case. Can't wait to get in the mail, this is my fourth product to buy in the last month.

Review by Jessica

Still hopein for a GS6 case.

Review by Sofia

Was just about to buy until I saw it doesn't come in the 6S Plus
So adorbs!!!

Review by Carmen

Just got this phone case in the mail and it is so so adorable! I'm in love with and I already have complements on it!
Love it

Review by Maggie

Just got mine in the mail yesterday and I am in love with it!! Keepin it Kittenish y'all haha :)

Review by Nicole

I absolutely adore this phone case, super cute and fits perfectly! Definitely a 10/10
love it!

Review by Faith S

will you make it for the Galaxy S4

Review by Sarah

Please make a IPhone 6 Plus case! I would buy! This design is so cute!

Review by Shannon P

please get the iPhone 6 plus!!!!!
so excited!

Review by Molly

just order this with the memorial day sale because why not right?! CANNOT wait to get it :)

Review by Erica

I absolutely LOVE my new phone case. It's my two favorite things, cheetah and kittenish!!
So cute!

Review by Caroline

I love this case! I got mine, and it's such a cute case! Got lots of compliments on it too!
Love it!

Review by Taylor

Cannot wait to put this case on! So cute!
Samsung Please

Review by Jessica

Love this so much!!!!!
Please make a case for the Samsung Galaxy phones.

Review by Olivia

This is the cutest case ever!!

Review by Amanda

This case is so cute! Luv! Couldn't wait to get it in the mail today!
Phone Case

Review by Alexa

So adorable can't wait to order it!
So Cute

Review by Natalie

Love the phone case! Hope there is more to come!
6s PLUS!! <3

Review by Robyn

I would love to buy this but I have a 6s plus!!
IPhone 6 PLUS!

Review by Amanda

Please please make in the iPhone 6 Plus! I'd snag it up in a heartbeat and so would lots of others! :D

Review by Lori B.

Cutest cell phone case ever!! The print and color are just so perfect
6 Plus?

Review by Jordyn

Please make this for he 6 Plus! I would buy it!
Love it

Review by Courtney

I just received mine today! It gives my phone protection all around and looks super cute.
Galaxy s5

Review by Rachel

I wish you could offer a phone case for the galaxy s5

Review by Keyanni

Love the print and color matches perfectly with rose gold iPhone

Review by Amanda

Make one for iPhone 6 plus

Review by Carolyne

I loved this case, it looks just like it does in the photo and I feel sassy with it!
6 Plus

Review by Taylor

Love this

Review by Jennifer

This is such a cute phone case! Very kittenish!!

Review by Jessica

Please make one for an iPhone 6 Plus!! I would so buy this in a heart beat!! Thanks love!

Review by Samantha

I love the design!! I wish it was made for the iPhone 5/s/c

Review by Claudia

Please, please, please make some for those of us who don't own iPhone. Samsung Galaxy please :)

Review by Courtney Watson

I was so excited to purchase this case. I just realized it is only for the iphone 6. Booooo. I have a 6plus. Pllllease make one for the people with plus size phones. Curvy phones need lovin' too. Thanks!

Review by Taylor

Can't wait to get this in the mail!
So bummed :(

Review by Jessica

No desire to make more cases for different style phones. Really really stinks. Kittenish fan not happy. :(
Crossin my fingers for...

Review by Jessica

Crossing my fingers for a Samsung Galaxy S6 case.
Pleassssseee!!! ;)

Review by Ricki

So cute!! Please make for 6 plus!!!
So Cute!!!

Review by Phylis Gagliano

This phone case is so adorable!!!

Review by Emily

Ordered mine! Now I'll have both Kittenish Cases!

Review by Megan

Make some for the rest of us that don't have a 6 please!!!

Review by Crystal Loredo

Please make for iPhone 6 plus, love this design! I hope there are more to come!!!

Review by Lauren Bowden

Pretty please make a case for iPhone 6 plus!!!! Will buy in a heart beat!
Make more!

Review by Marie

Wish you had the 5S!!
So cute

Review by Jessica

Love these they are the perfect design for Kittenish.

Review by Samantha

Make one for 6S plus!! Please!!!!

Review by Kathy

please make for iPhone 6 plus
So cute!

Review by Haley

Super cute!

Review by Em

Love this!!

Review by Keishla

This is so cute!!

Review by Kathleen

Just ordered this phone case and can not wait to receive it, it is so cute!!

Review by Jessica H

Please make cases for Galaxy S6 phones.
:( I don't have an iphone

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